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Who are we:

ITPlus Limited are a UK based limited company founded in 2005 which offer a range of IT services to both individuals and companies.

What we do:

Website design and hosting
From simple websites to complex content managment systems and online shops deigned and hosted. We can create responsive designs which look and work great across all platforms, or seperate mobile sites for those who require it. We also offer a range of content managment system templates for common business types requiring regular updates.

Native applications
We write applications for all of the major mobile devices which can interact with your website to both provide and update information. We also offer subscription to our professional app range such as protracked which can enhance your customers experience of your business.

Web applications
More and more people are turning to the internet to run their applications such as customer acccounts and orders. This gives them the ability to access their data from any location and reduces the need for offsite backups. A good example of a web application is ProTracked courier software

Your Customers are mobile are you?

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